“This Is The Good Life”

We all have heard these words  growing  up “this is the good life.” So what exactly is the good life? 

For some the good life is: Children will tell you the good life is when they get to move out of their parents home and they can finally do what they want. Teenagers will tell you the good life is getting to hang out with their friends all day and having a good time. College adults will tell you that the good life is partying, being free from their parents, and just being able to do what they want. If you talk to some adults you will get all kinds of different meanings of what the good life is for them. Some will tell you the good life for them is a house they own, a car they own and lots of money to do as they please with. Other adults will tell you that’s it just being able to enjoy life with their families. Some adults will tell you that the good life for them is drinking all day, doing drugs and just doing what ever they want, when they want to. No responsibilities for some adults is the good life. Some adults will tell you that the good life for them is never having a another day of heartache in their life.

For myself, when I was a child I thought the same way if only I could live on my own then everything would be just great and I would finally get to live the good life. But reality hit me and I would soon find myself living in hell instead of the good life that I dreamt about. Big old house, a husband, kids, lots of money and just good times, was what I called the good life. But soon my so-called “this is the good life” would go up in smoke, and just like that poof all my dreams of having the good life was shattered. 

So now begins my journey of looking for this so-called ” this is good life” that everyone claimed to be living or wanted to live. Trust me when I say I went on journey looking for this so-called good life that everyone claim to have, or was wishing they had, or was working towards finally succeeding at, that is exactly what I mean a journey looking in everything and everyone for my “this is the good life.”

First stop on this journey began with me thinking that living free doing as I please with no one to answer to was what I called the good life. That was till I got hit with reality and I ended up pregnant, so much for my good life. Then I thought I could keep my wild out free-living lifestyle with a kid in tow and man to go with it, but that always ended up in heartaches. As time went on I had more kids and lost kids to child protective service , because I was so busy trying to hold on to my “this is the good life.” Then there was the men who would come and go like they where hot cakes in my life, because I thought if only I could get one of these men to be with me or marry me then I could finally have my good life. But nothing seem to stay around long enough for me to build  up my so-called ”this is the good life.” Every time I thought I had the right calculations to having the good life, I was hit with another reality.

Second stop me thinking that having a roof over my head and lots of money in my pockets was the good life, that nothing could stop me now! Oh, but how wrong I was! I will never forget the day when I was taking my son to go get something to eat and someone who knew of me said to me and I will put this politely “Miss rich witch what you going to do when all your money is gone and you got nowhere to live” I responded with a good heart chuckle yeah right that will never happen to me and kept moving on. Sadly to say within a forty-eight hour period I found myself in a hotel room with a two-year old, no money, and nowhere to live.

Third stop to having my so-called “this is the good life” accepting the fact that being homeless, a drug addict, an alcoholic, doing what I want and being irresponsible that this was it this is as good as good as it gets. I have finally reached the point in my  life where “this is the good life.” For a long time I allowed myself to stay in this disillusionment that I was living the good life motto. And who cares what others thought, they had theirs “this is the good life” and I have mines! But time went on and the longings in my heart were crying out more and more that there had to be more to this life then what I was face with day-to-day. I just didn’t know what that or where to find it.

At this point in my life my heart was desperately crying out for a man who would love me unconditionally, I wanted the kids who I didn’t lose to stupid choices, I wanted the big fancy house, the nice cars and the money, I wanted “THE GOOD LIFE” that everyone else had! I would ask God why was I left out of the equation of having the good life? And just to give you heads up at this time in my life I wasn’t a Christian when I ask God this question. Plus I wasn’t even sure at that time if there was even a God or a Devil, but there was something inside of me that seem to be very sure there was a God and a Devil. And in my mind I understood the Devil was for evil and God He had His place I just wasn’t sure where that was yet. Somehow I also knew if anyone had the answers to all my why questions, it would surely be God. Even though I felt He never answer any of them, which in return made me even more angry with Him. But see the funny thing is this is how God works and it wouldn’t be to much, much, much later in my life that I would finally get my answer to all my why questions.

So onto my last and finale stop after many days turning into many years was when I meet God one on one. I would finally understand how God play a part in all this and what His place was. So what exactly does my journey and everyone else journey have to do with us searching in everything and everyone else  for “this is the good life?” I will tell you, see what I didn’t know back then is this: GOD is our whole purpose in this life. And until we come to that reality we will be nothing but wondering vagabonds lost forever. Our searching endlessly in everything and everyone or our claim to be living the good life, isn’t complete to we have God in our lives. He is “THIS IS THE GOOD LIFE!’ Without Him we are empty lost souls looking in all the wrong people, places, and things for what our souls are so desperately crying out for the most and that is: SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT, ENJOYMENT, AND PEACE. And God is the only One who can fulfill all our hearts desires. We will never find ” This is the good life, ” until we make peace with our Heavenly Father. Then and only then my friends will you finally be able to experience” This is the good life!” Knowing who you are in Christ, and who you belong to this is what makes living the good life what it’s all about. As my Heavenly Father whisper ever so softly to me one day you haven’t lived life until you lived it through Jesus Christ. 

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7-3-13


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