In my hearts of hearts all I ever wanted in life was to be loved by someone unconditionally. I kept looking and searching in everything and everyone, and I soon came to the realization that no one could ever love me the way I wanted to be loved. They were all too selfish only thinking of themselves and there needs.

All my hopes and dreams of ever finding that one true love that would just love me back the way I so need, had been shattered and all hope was gone from me. I gave up looking and searching and I just decided to shut down my heart, because no one was worthy to love me the way I wanted. From that day forward I made a promise to myself that I would never ever love again, or let anyone love me again.

Then came the day I meet the one who could give me the love I been looking for and searching for all my life and His name was Jesus Christ! Oh the love that He gave to me was so far out standing! My heart started racing, it was skipping a beat and it was fulfilled with an overwhelming joy!

Words could never do the justice for what His love did for me and what He gave to me so freely! He died an innocent man on the Cross for my sins, just to prove to me His love for me. He sacrificed His self for me, what more could scream I love you unconditionally.

His Father gave me His Only Son so that I may know what it truly means to be loved and to give love. My every need meet, my soul quieted and my heart no longer ached for love. My heart was finally fulfilled with a love that was beyond my wildest dreams!

A love so compassionate, so understanding, so forgiving, and so unconditional. All He ask in return from me was that I love Him the same way. That He would be my top number one in all areas of my life.

At the top of my lungs I shouted YES MY LORD I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU! From that day forward my heart no longer searches, hungers, or cries out for its true love, because my heart is now back home where it belongs with Jesus Christ!!

Love Always One Of God’s Children Orenda 3-5-2012


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