Come Home My Children

Come home My children, come back home.

For I am your Father and you are my children.

Oh how My heart breaks because so many of My children have been lead astray.

My children open your ears and hear My voice calling out to you.

Open your eyes and see that I am with you.

Remember My Words, for I am the Truth, the Light and the Way.

My children there is no other way to the Fathers Kingdom, but through Jesus.

See My hand My children that I am extending to you, all you got do is reach out and grab onto it and don’t let go!

My children hear Me crying out to you please come back home, Satan has fooled you and your being lead astray!

My children you have nothing to fear for I am here for you, if you will only listen to My voice and come back home.

I will bring you out of the desperation that you are in, I will make You whole.

My children don’t be fooled any longer by Satan lies, hear My voice crying out to you to come back home were you belong.

Love Always Your Heavenly Father…

Love Always One Of God’s Children Orenda Smith 11-18-2011

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