Dear Satan……

As of today I am saying goodbye to you, that I will no longer will be living in your lies.

I want you to know that from here on out I wont be allowing you back into my life to keep me bound in your chains ever again!

For my Father has revel to me the truth of who He is and who you are and He has set me free from the grips of your hands.

I am now in the comforts of my loving Father who will protect me from you no matter how many times you may try to come after me.

For my heart has been exposed to the Truth and no longer am I a fool to your lies!

In the name of Jesus I plead the blood and bind you Satan get away from me!

I am no longer your child but a child of God’s!

He will always protect me, love me unconditionally, never lie to me and always wants what’s best for me and I in the same want to do what is right by my Father.

Not only does my Father offer me His unending love, but He also offers me everlasting life with Him. 

And what was that you offer me?

Oh yeah that’s right, now I remember nothing but death, lies, pain, heartache, empty promises and much, much more.

But now that I know the truth that my battle is with you and not with God I want to make it clear to you that I’m cutting off all my ties with you.

I was once your puppet, your fool, and blinded to your games and it was a living hell for me!

Instead of showing me how great it is to be a follower of you, you instead show me all the reasons of why I need to stay as far as away from you as I can.

Now that my Father has set me free from the grasp you had on me,

I want to let you know together my Father and I stand here from this day forward and we will fight you no matter what it takes to keep you from returning in my life!


Good bye Satan I no longer need you in my life!


Love Always One God’s Children 12-08-2011





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