Facing Down the Enemy

There I sat across from my enemy spewing words that shot arrows through my heart as he spoke one word after another.

As I sat across from him staring him down, thinking to myself, how dare he say these things about me?

How dare he spew these lies about me?

How dare those people say lies about me to him?

Trying to speak out, but was told to hold my comments to latter.

So there I sat as I kept my mouth shut, listening to the ugly words begin spew at me like fiery darts pricing away at my heart.

All the while swallowing back the screams from inside me wanting to plead my case and trying to hold back my tears from the pain I was feeling inside of me.

I listen till he tells me he is done and I may leave now to ponder if I still want to work for them.

And then I quietly I walk out the door and I take with me what has just been said to me and let I let go of the tears I been holding in.

As I drive away I start thinking to myself, God why am I so hated?

What I have I done so wrong to these people God that they want to see me fire from my own job?

I am so confused my God?

There it is the devil at work, the master of all of confusion. 

I go back to work not sure what to say to my boss in the letter of do I want to go or do I want to stay?

If I was to decide to stay then I need to let him know how my attitude would change.

It’s kind of hard to write about improving one’s attitude, when one thinks she had no attitude, but all of sudden the Holy Spirit gave me the words I need to write.

Afterwards I left my job feeling no bitterness, no resentment, and no ill hate towards my boss.

The peace of my Heavenly Father overcame me and with the words my husband gave to me, he said remember when we are one of God’s children the world is going to hate us and the enemy will try to attack us, just trust the Lord.

When night fell I left leaving my job, with everything in God’s hand to determine my fate for me.

And that next morning I got to see the blessing of just how mighty and great my God is!

I got to keep my job and later that morning my boss call me to apologize to me.

I got to experience firsthand, how God can work things out for you,

when you just learn how to bite down on your own tongue and you wait on Him.

It has given me such great joy that I can’t even begin to explain it!

The old me would have come up rising like the devil she was and leaving with no job, but the new me created in Jesus Christ came rising and I sat waiting on my God. 

And in the end He got the victory and the glory, for the outcome of today and of yesterday!

Love Always One Of God’s Children 3-8-2013


One thought on “Facing Down the Enemy

  1. Wow! It is hard to hold one’s tongue sometimes. For me it is hard to speak up for myself. But after we talked about this the other day I got to thinking about my situation and through God’s grace I was able to do what i need to do too! I am so blessed to know that you have been blessed to keep you job and that your boss saw fit to apologize to you. Love you sis!

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