Heaven or Hell….

What a great lost to oneself when you choose to go with what you thought was best for you, than to listen to Me.

What a great pain, suffering and destruction one brings upon oneself when you decided to disobey Me.

What foolishness one brings upon oneself when you tremble, fear, and bow to the men upon this earth, instead of fearing the One who can destroy both body and soul.

My dear, dear child open your eyes and I say again open your eyes and see that My ways for you are for your own good. That I’m not out to get you or to hurt you but to show you unconditional love, mercy and pour out many blessing upon thee if only you will obey Me.

But no, My child, you choose to go with your foolish ways of thinking. Why? Oh wait minute, because you seem to think that I don’t know what I’m doing or that I have no understanding of what you’re facing day-to-day.

But, oh how wrong you are My child, you see I do understand more than you will ever comprehend.

All along, My child, I’ve been trying to help you to avoid those nasty falls but I can’t help you when you turn your back on the only One who can help you.

Come, come now My child let’s be real here for a moment and let me ask you this question. When you choose to disobey Me, and decided to go your own way and did what you believed what was best for you who’s the one really losing out here? You or I? It’s certainly not I my child, but it’s you.

How many times must one stumble before you will grasp that I’m here to help you, to protect you, to love you unconditionally and to shower you with My grace and mercy.

When, My child will you understand that it is only I who knows what best for you?

When, My child will you understand that I love you so much unconditionally and I only expect that same unconditional love in return from you?

When, my child will you understand that you belong to Me and I belong to you?

When, my child will you stop your foolish ways and obey Me?

What will it take for you to stop being so disobedient, wasn’t Me giving My Only Son enough?

My dear child, please stop and think before it’s too late your ways or My ways, but you can’t have both.

One goes to hell and the other ends in eternity with Me.

So now that the ball is back in your court you decide how should it shall end, heaven or hell?

May you choose wisely My dear, dear child?

Love Always Your Father….

Love Always One Of God’s Children 6-15-13

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