Jesus Can Break Every Chain In Your Life…

Today is week four of Say Yes To God Blog Hop where we pick one of the following topics:

1. #StickWithIt – Have you experienced moments during this study when you felt like you just couldn’t do it anymore? If so and you are still here, write about what happened and why you have decided to #stickwithit.

2. Breaking Chains – Make the decision to be set free by applying the powerful truth of God’s Word to whatever has been holding you captive. Use scripture to write a declaration of hope and freedom. Reference the “verse mapping” method here:

3. Life Interrupted – Some of God’s greatest gifts are “wrapped in unlikely packages.” Share how God has used a challenging time in your life and worked through it for your good.

4. #YesToGod – On page 103 Lisa shares a short prayer she prays every morning choosing to say yes to whatever assignments God places before her. Write your own personal #YesToGod morning prayer.

5. Dove’s Nest – Write an encouraging note to one of the ladies currently living at Dove’s Nest.

I choose number 2 and 5: 

This is one song that speaks abundantly to my heart of just what Jesus Christ can do for you when you give all your burdens to Him.

He will break every last single chain that you been bound in and SET YOU FREE! HALLELUJAH!

My Prayer in Jesus Christ Name:

There was a time I lived separated from You because I had a hostile attitude towards You and I did evil things. But now that I have been reconciled with You through Your death my old self has been crucified with You. And it’s no longer I who lives, but You who dwells in me. You have set me free for once and for all and I am to now stand firm in this freedom and not allow myself to become yoke again to bondage. I was call to be free but to not use my freedom for my evil desires but to serve others humbly in love. I am to live free but I am to not use my freedom to cover up evil but to live as one of Your slaves. Now that I have been free from sin the benefits I will reap will lead me to holiness and eternal life with You. Therefor there is now no more condemnation I am free from sin and death I am to live according to the Spirit. I am now able to approach You in freedom and confidence. And If I hold to Your teachings I will truly be one of Your disciples and I will know the truth and truth will set me free! Amen

These are the Bible Verses I used to come up with my prayer: Colossians 1:21-23, Galatians:2:20, Galatians 5:1, Galatians 5:13-14, 1 Peter 2:16, Romans 6:22, Romans 8:1-4, Ephesians 3:12, John 8:31-32

So say it with me ladies: There is Power in the name of Jesus!  

So let’s us start letting Jesus break us free from the chains that hold us back and live free in Him!

To the lovely ladies at Doves Nest:

I want to tell all of you ladies that I personally know where you are coming from and where God can take you if you allow Him. I myself was lost without Christ for thirty-four and half years until I meet Jesus Christ one day in the bathroom on July 4, 2011 and He changed my life forever! I was beyond broken, my heart was beyond harden and there was no hope left me in at all I just wanted to be done with this world!

Years of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, countless rapes, homelessness, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, losing my children to child services, being kidnap and my son ( he’s okay, he’s a grown man now) seeing things I wish I never saw and doing things I wish I never had too.

And that ladies is only half of the story! When I gave myself that year to Jesus Christ I was instantly free from drugs and alcohol! I have not had any cravings or desires for alcohol or drugs! Not only that I was blessed with a wonderful man who has a heart for God like I never seen before in my life, that year we got married too.

Two years I have been on this wonderful journey with My Loving Father and I wish I could tell you every last detail of just what He has done but I may be writing you book instead of a note. Trust me it has not been all roses but everything I have gone through these last two years is nothing to compare to what I went through without Him in my life!

The freedom, the peace, the renewing of my mind and the changes that has happen in me have all been worth all the endurance to keep on going in Him! My relationship with My Father has grown immensely and my love for Him overflow’s abundantly!

There’s no word’s that can fully express just what Jesus Christ can do for you when you give Him all of you! I know where God can take you if only you allow yourself to trust, believe and have faith in Him!

He can do many mighty great things through you if you only allow Him too. I know because I am one of His walking testimonies of just what God can do with something that has been broken and forgotten by the people who came into your life.

As my Father once told me broken but not forgotten. As broken as we may feel He has never forgotten about you, me or anyone else out there!  May the Lord Bless you in this wonderful journey you’re on or about to embark it’s well worth it ladies!

Do not let that devil fool you into thinking otherwise, you hold onto Jesus Christ and endure! Fight the good fight my dear sweet Sisters in Christ. My prayers are with all of you, God Bless……

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Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/29/2013



4 thoughts on “Jesus Can Break Every Chain In Your Life…

  1. Isn’t our God so wonderful! It’s hard to describe how awesome, how mighty, how loving our heavenly Father truly is, but you have sure done a great job of expressing the joy of being united with Him. I’m praying continued blessing on your life in Christ Jesus.

  2. God is good and has set us all free of the chains that bind us to evil, if we will accept Him as our Lord and Savour. I love how you chose a variety of verses to create the prayer….hmmm, might have to try that myself. Your message to the ladies at the Dove’s Nest is so special…you really know where they are coming from in the pit of their lives with this new and special opportunity to raise themselves up on eagles wings with the help of our almighty Saviour. Love you sweet sister in Christ.

    • It’s funny because that was the first time I ever did something like that myself with using different Bible Verses. I usually take one scripture and then write it out in a prayer for myself to pray back to God. I was amazed how it all came together and I thought to myself I will have to try that again. 🙂 God’s Words are truly amazing! 🙂 Love Ya SIS….

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