My Dearest Friend…….


Do you really know who I am?

Do you really comprehend what my motives are for you?

Do you really believe I’m your truest friend?

Do you really believe I’m not out to hurt you but to help you?

If you do really believe all these things are true and you think you know who I’m really am, then let’s take a walk my dearest friend so I may reveal to you what’s been hidden from you.

My name is…..

Ah, it’s too soon to revel that to you just yet my dearest friend.

I have come to you in many disguise, but my best disguise so far is that I’m your one  and only true friend who can help you. I have led you to believe that you could never ever depend on no one else but I because I’m the only one who knows what’s best for you. It’s only I who truly understand what it is that you truly need and I’m the only one who can give you what your heart desires the most.

And oh how I given to you whatever it was you wanted and needed from me right then and there at that moment, without you ever realizing the consequences of your requests from me.

I have lied to you over and over and time again and again, so that you can stay stuck in the webs that we have created together without even your knowledge of what’s been going on, so that way it won’t be easy for you to become free from me.

I have told you time again and again the things you wanted to hear, so that I may keep going on living inside of you.

I feed off your hunger for wanting more out of this life than what has been given to you.

I feed off your hunger from believing you deserve better.

I feed off the lies you believe and are told time and time again and again.

I feed off your pain and turmoil.

I whisper to you ever so softly that without me you are nothing.

I whisper to you ever so softly to take a pill, take a drink, take some drugs, slice your arm, go head kill yourself and then I will go away, but what you don’t know is that I will never go away even when you’re dead and gone I’m still here waiting for you my dearest friend.

See what you fail to realize is that I’ve hidden myself way deep down inside your soul and unless you release me to God, you will never be free from me, but that is my little secret to keep from you and for me to make sure you never find that out.

Instead I do whatever it is I need to do to keep you right where I want you and need you to be. So that way you will only believe in me and depend on me only.

I will haunt you day and night making sure you know it’s me that your life depends on,

I will torment you day and night with lies to keep you bound in my little web that I’ve made especially for you,

I will make you feel hopeless,

I will make you doubt everything and everyone, including your own self,

I will make you think that without me you are nothing,

I will make you believe that no one wants you but me,

I will destroy everything you ever loved or ever wanted in this life, so that you will cling to me even more, because I’m the only one who can soothe your pain.

I will blind you from the truth,

I will harden your heart so you may grow so bitter, cold and angry that you will think that no one wants anything to do with you.

But see what you don’t realize my dearest friend is I have blinded you to the fact that it is I who has been doing these things to you; I have never really been your truest friend.

Instead I’ve lead you to think it was God, people, and life that was out to get you, but in reality it was me, so that I could keep you trapped with me.

See what you don’t know and fail to realize is, it’s you that gives me the power to do the things I do so very well. In order for me to survive I need you to believe the lies I tell you and feed you. The more you grasp onto me, the harder I make it for you to let go of me.

Without you my dearest friend I’m nothing and I can’t let that happen!!

So just who am I?

I am whoever you need me to be as long as I can keep you in my little web of lies believing that I’m the only one who can help you and save you, but now that you know the truth and know who I’m really am, all I have to say is be very careful my dearest friend because one little slip this way or that way, one little wrong turn this way or that way and one little call out to me and I will be waiting to devour you again. Remember my dearest friend it is you I need to feed off to keep me going on doing what  it is I need to do and it’s only you that can help me if you allow it.

Now that you know that I’m not your dearest friend, but your enemy looking to take you down with me I no longer have the power to control you, but be very, very, very careful because at any moment you can give me back that power I need to have to have you again. So now that you’re free from me be very careful not to fool yourself into believing that just like that I’m gone, because I’m not. Instead I’m in the background just waiting for you to give me another opportunity to make you my dearest friend again.

 Love Always One Of God’s Children 5-30-13






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