Review On The Chapters One Through Six…

For today’s post we are going to go over some questions for Chapters One through Six. I will be posting two questions from each chapter and at 4pm East Coast time today, I will be here to discuss the questions and answer them through the comment section. If there is anything else you need help or got questions please feel free to leave them and I will try my best to answer them if I can. 

Chapter one: The Mind Is The Battlefield 

Question One: Describe the two opposing mindsets located within Romans 8:5

Question Two: How should we respond to Satan’s offers? 

 Ephesians 4:27

James 4:7

Chapter Two: “Renewed, God -like thinking is a vital necessity to a successful Christian life.”

Question One: What encouragement do we receive from Zechariah 4:6, as we tear down the strongholds Satan has built in our minds?

Question Two: A vital necessity is something that is so important that one simply cannot live without it. Give some examples of a vital necessity.

Chapter Three: “Don’t give up” 

Question One: Discover within Isaiah 43;2 the promises God made to those facing difficult situations.

Question Two: How did Moses challenge the Israelites to make right choices in Deuteronomy 30:19?

Chapter Four: “Little by little”

Question One: “Discover within 1 Peter 5:10 four things God will do for us “after you have suffered a while.”

Question Two: Give three steps we can follow when discouragement or condemnation tries to overtake us.

Chapter Five: “Be Positive”

Question One: Using 2 Corinthians 5:17 show why negativism has no part in the Christian’s life.

Question Two: Locate within John 16:8 three things of which the Holy Spirit convicts the world (people).

Chapter Six: “Mind-Binding Spirits” 

Question One: What did His Word have power to do in Psalm 107:20? 

Question Two: Briefly explain in your own words what James 1:2-8 teaches us.

All right ladies these are the questions have a look over them and I will be here to go over them with y’all. God Bless..

Love Always One Of God’s Children 9/8/2013 


3 thoughts on “Review On The Chapters One Through Six…

  1. Okay I have decided to go over the answers on FB Broken But Not Forgotten Group. If you look on the sidebar you will see a link to the FB Group click on it and it will take you there. And I will later post all the answers here when done. Thank you and God Bless….

  2. Q1) In Romans 5:8 the two mindsets are of those who live by the flesh think like the flesh. Those who live by the Spirit think like the Spirit.

    So if we are fleshy we are going to want to be like the world, fit in with their ideas. We are going to want to please man.

    If we are living in the Spirit we are going to focus on God and His ways of living. We will want to please Him in all we do.

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