Saying Yes To God And No To The Devil

Today is week three of Blog Hop Thursday where we pick one of the following topics:

1. The Word as a Weapon – Jesus refuted Satan’s temptations by quoting the Word (Matt. 4). It is a powerful weapon, but we must know it before we can use it. Choose one of the scriptures found in Chapter 4 and share what it means to you. Learn about the “verse mapping” method here:

2. Wholly Committed – Is God calling you to a deeper level of commitment?

3. #Amazed – How have you been #Amazed when God used you?

4. #YesToGod – Our yes stories won’t always be big. Sometimes surrendering in the small things brings the greatest blessing. How has God been glorified in your life through a small act of obedience?

I choose number four: Saying Yes To God

The day I choose to say yes to God and no to the devil has change the course of my life forever! I have come to realized that there was and still is a war going on for my very soul. Heaven or Hell? My dear child what shall you choose?

Good or evil? My dear child what’s your heart desire? God or the devil? My dear child whom should it be? Day in and day out, night after night and morning after morning it never ends the devil constantly contemplating his very next move on my very soul and for my relationship with God.

He’s always on the prowl looking for ways to sabotage my yes’s to God. My heart screaming and crying out wanting to say YES GOD I am yours, but oh the devil he’s always beckoning at my door that I come out and play with him just for a little while.

He whisper’s ever so softly to me come now you’re not hurting anyone, but wait I am, My Father. By saying yes to the devil and saying no to God I have turn my back on Him! I have slammed the door on the only One who really truly cares for me ever so deeply. My yes’s to God’s all of suddenly slowly but surely start becoming more no’s to Him if I am not careful.


My heart remains at war to say yes to God and to say no to that scheming devil! Every where I look everything screaming for my attention and the devils playground is always calling out to me come Orenda come play with us? NO, NO, NO I shall not turn my back on God! I shall say Yes to Him and No to you, but sadly I say more yes’s to the devil then My Father.

Why oh Father do I screw up so much? Why does my flesh still scream out louder than my heart for You? Why Lord can I not always say Yes to You? Day in and day out is another day of me hoping and praying that today be the day my Yes’s to You be louder than my yes’s to the devil.

I want to please My Father by saying Yes to everything He ask of me, but I realized just how weak I am. I need Him more now than ever to carry me through the days when I want to say no to Him. I realized now that when I am at my weakest I need Him to be stronger for me so I can say Yes to Him and say no to that devil.

There’s a war going on even as I write this for my Yes’s to God it’s best I keep reminding myself of this. The devil awaits his opportunity to steal away my Yes’s to God and turn them into yes’s for him, but where I am weak my Father is stronger if I only ask for His help together we can fight the devil off!

My heart desires is to say Yes to God and no to the devil no matter what my Father may ask of me! It’s best I remember saying yes to God are blessing in disguise and saying yes to the devil is only tormenting myself.

I’m a work in process of becoming more of a Yes girl to God and more of no girl to the devil. May we all find ourselves saying more Yes’s to God and less to the devil! God Bless To All…..

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7 thoughts on “Saying Yes To God And No To The Devil

  1. Yes, thank you for the reminder: where I am weak the Father is stronger…
    Greater is He who is in me – God, than the one who is in the world – Satan
    I John 4:4
    because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

  2. OH Sis! I can relate to you when you say the Devil is always at it. He hits us harder because he knows we are saying Yes to God. His time is short and he is trying to grab as many people as he can to be in his pathetic army. But he will not get us!! He is a liar and a thief! He has no power unless we give it to him…so instead of giving him power give him a kick in the face!! I am standing with you sis! God is on our side! Love you!! Keep saying Yes!!

    • Thank you SIS. You are so right he has no power over us, unless we give it to him. Great reminder and even more of a reason to keep on fighting him! Love Ya SIS and God Bless…

  3. The Apostle Paul knew of this spiritual battle in Romans 7. In Romans 7:15 he said, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

    Romans 7:25 “Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

  4. The devil is never very far away is he? I struggle, too. There are lots of battles, but I have to keep constant reminders in front of me that I am to ASK in order to receive. This week I’ve been concentrating on “preaching by your deeds”. My actions and deeds say more about me to those with whom I work. If I take part in the dirty jokes, go to the parties at bars after work, complain others and gossip, then who am I? What am I reflecting to others? I have chosen to forgoe all those things and speak only good things about people at work. For me, it’s the little steps I am taking to keep the devil away, and by my good deeds and actions, maybe one other person will be affected and want to join me too. Love and prayers to you, and may God give you strength to fight each battle.

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