See Me Beyond Your Deepest Desires

I ask myself, is it possible for a man to see past the flesh of a women, and to see into the very essence that makes her the women she is right before his eyes?

Can he see the core of her soul?

Can he see the core of her precious heart that lies within her yearning, waiting and crying out to be cherished and to be loved like nothing she has ever experience before in her life?!!

Can he ever see her past his hunger that only she can fulfill for him?

Can he see her for not only his enjoyment, but as woman who wants nothing more than to be cherished for who she is and not what she can give him?

Is it foolish of me to ask a man to look beyond his desires and to see the woman who is crying out for something more!!

Can a man ever suppress the beast that lies within him that calls out to him every minute, of every waking hour to feed him, to give him what he wants the most?

A woman who is the only one who can tame the beast that is inside of him. 

If only if it’s for the moment, before the beast comes up rising and roaring inside of him again, wanting more, begging him to fulfill his hunger that is never really satisfied.

Then I have to stop and ask myself, does a man ever have a chance to see past his own desires?

Can he tame the beast that keeps calling out to him every waking hour?

Can he quiet the beast that lies within him?

So that he may be able to see a woman for whom she is and not what she can give him?

Is there ever a chance for the beast that lies within inside of a man to become one with a woman who wants nothing more than to tame that beast for him and to be cherished by him?

I have to ask, is there ever any hope for a women to be cherished, and to be loved by a man?

When there’s a beast living inside of him wanting to be feed at any cost? 

Will he ever see me for who I am, beyond his deepest desires?

Love Always One Of God’s Children  12-05-2012


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