One Year Latter…

Today God has not only risen our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from deaths door but also He has raised our marriage from deaths door too!

Today also marks the one year anniversary that my husband made a very bad decision that landed him in some hot water with some serious consequences. I also had my part in all of this too even though I did not cause my husband to do what he did one year ago, I to was not being the woman who God had call me to be.

There was two people who were living out of their fleshy desires, disobeying God, and was only thinking of themselves which lead to our wake up call last year. Our eyes were open, our ears were open and our hearts were open that we both could not keep going on behaving and living the way we was. That there were some changes that had to be made before we could move forward in our marriage.

We both decided to fully put our trust in the Lord and start obeying Him now this doesn’t mean we always do it 100% perfect but we fall and we try again. And my what changes have been made between the both us! Both my hubby and I are not the man and woman we was last year! I thank my Father for all He has done for us and for our marriage!

I could have used what my hubby did to me and walked away from our marriage and in the Church and the worlds eyes I had every right too, but God is a God about forgiveness, restoration, and mercy and grace.

Instead we both decided to stay and fight for our marriage, we both decided to start listening to God and not what our flesh wants us to do. Now today we both can give God all the glory for what He has done in our marriage! Our marriage went from deaths door to unconditional love, forgiveness, trusting one another, and so much more!

I want to say to those that are married put God first in your marriages, obey Him, make the changes that He asks of you to make, let God handle the other person and let God take the both of you from enemy’s to the best friends, to lovers and to the best mate you ever had!

He can change and will change your marriage no matter what the situation is but you got to trust Him 100%, have lots of faith, let go and make the changes that are required from you.

God Bless and once again Thank you Father for saving our marriage and restoring it back to life!

Love Always One Of God’s Children 4-20-2014