I’m Still Here…

As I sit here in amazement  that in less than 25 days this year will be over and a new one will be arriving very soon. I also wanted to take this time out and apologize to everyone for not posting much this year. There has been a lot of changes in my life with me working now and me trying to balance it all. 

I haven’t been able to give God the attention He needs and I so desperately need to Hear from Him to write what He wants me to, so that’s why there’s been such a long absence on my part in my blog. To me my blog is more than just writing about what is poplar, or what the people want to hear, it’s about hearing from God so He can use me to help others. 

That has always been my goal since I started this blog was for God to use my story, my struggles and my everyday battles to be a light to others that we can walk this walk that our Father has us on if only we let Him lead us every step of the way. But sway just a little too much to the left or the right and you may find yourself on a road that was not intended for you. 

I’m not one to make promises because I know very well firsthand how easily they can be broken and how much it can hurt when things don’t follow through as you were promise. So it’s in my deepest prayers that with God’s help I can start to learn how to balance my relationship with My Father, work and life so that I can hear from Him and start to write again. 

It’s also in my deepest prayers that all is well with those who have followed this blog and to those who God has led to this blog. So if y’all will do me a big favor and pray with me that I get back on track with God so that He can use me to write again, I would really appreciate it. 

Until God bring us all together again God Bless………