The Unfinished Sculpture

As God chips away at my heart more and more with each day to remove the junk that clogs His way to finishing His master piece that He has in mind for me.

 I can hear the very depths of my soul crying out to Him to free it from the prison it has been in all its life.

To set it free from the mess I have created.

To free it from the bondage that keeps it from wanting to get closer to You. 

And there are even times when that bondage will try to stop me from letting You finish what You have started, so that I may not see Your master piece that You have envision for me. 

Though there are some days that it seems too much to bare as You’re chiseling away at my heart removing the old and renewing it with the new.

I catch a glimpse of what is You’re doing inside of me and with the anticipation of waiting to see what Your master piece is going to look like once Your finish, is what keeps me from not giving up.

As You my Heavenly Father chisels away at this unfinished sculpture, my heart leaps with joy to see just what it is that You see in me? 

Love Always One Of God’s Children 2-11-2013