Hear My Cries Within My Soul O’Lord

 I come before Thee O’Lord to ask, what sins are still rooted deep within my soul? I beg of Thee to make them known to me, so I may come to hate them as much as You hate them. No longer do I want the sins that abound in my soul to be my lovers. Lord I give Thee permission to remove all thy iniquities from within the depths of my soul that cut me off from You. Father I ask that You make my sins known to me so I may bring them to You and ask for Your forgiveness. For Lord it’s my greatest desire to hate what You hate and to love what You love. Father I hunger after a deeper more meaningful relationship with Thee O’Lord, but Father I know where darkness still abounds Your Light can’t abound with it. Father I plead with You to help me to let go of anything that is not of you, so I may grasp onto You fully without any restrictions. Father You’re so great, You’re so full of mercy, You’re forever over flowing with unconditional love for me and You’re so full of truth never deceiving, and this My Lord is what makes me want to keep wanting to follow after You more and more. Though I may waver Lord it’s my soul that cries out to You, longs to be with Thee and so desperately needs You. Apart from Thee My Lord I know I’m nothing but flesh and bones wasting away to perish in an eternal Hell. But with Thee O’Lord ah there is eternal life! There is victory! This is where my soul finds rest in You My Lord. There my soul finds it freedom from the heavy burdens that have weighed it down throughout the years. It’s in You O’Lord I come to know what true freedom is. And this My Lord is what I’m asking of Thee, that I may come to know what it really means to be free in You? My Lord hear my cries O’lord show me Your ways, for without You O Lord I’m nothing but flesh and bone just waiting to die. I ask of Thee to search my heart and show me my error’s, my sins, and to reveal to me any darkness that may still abound within me so I may expose it to Your Light. Father I come before Thee to plead with You that You show me my sins and to remove anything from my soul that may keep me from spending eternity with Thee forever. Hear my cries O’Lord within the depths of my soul crying out to You.

Love Always One Of God’s Children Orenda 5-5-13