Same Song And Dance That’s Just Getting Old

You came into my life telling me how you wanted to give me the unconditional love that I never had. 

That you wanted to give me the life that I should have had, but never got to have.

One Promise after another promise that are just going in one ear and out the other ear,

because as much as I want you to fulfill them, I very much doubt that you will ever fulfill them.

 So with all my wishful thinking and hoping I decided to give you chance, praying that you would be different. 

While you are speaking these things to me, I catch a glimpse of hope that just maybe you will be the one who shows me what is like to have unconditional love in my life. 

That just maybe you can show me what it’s like to experience real unconditional  love. 

That just maybe I would finally really know what it means to have each other backs no matter what!

That just maybe all of the pain and suffering stops with you and the healing begins.

So with a prayer in my heart, I ask the Lord  to please let you be the one that shows me what it is to have someone who really loves me unconditionally.

I put all my trust in the Lord and give it go with you.

I jumped all in giving you all of my heart the best I knew how to, giving you all of the trust I had left to give,

and giving you all of the unconditional love that I had left to give to you and only you.

And what did do you do with what I gave you?

You took what I gave you and turn around and stab me in the heart over and over.

The love I gave to you so freely, the trust, and all for you to turn around and threw it back in my face like it meant nothing to you! 

You took my love that I gave to you unconditionally over and over, 

and you just went right on hurting me over and over again and again, till finally I snap!

Dear God, I need your help, because I am so tired of this same old song and dance,

I am ready to give up and throw it all away!

I am so tired of all the empty promises, and all of the lies!

I am so tired of hearing the same old song and dance over and over!

I am so done with it!

Dear God, Please I really need Your help now!

To salvage our marriage, before we both do something we will end up regretting later down the road.

I am at the point of feeling like there is nothing left inside of me to give to the one who I love all so dearly.

Dear God, how do you keep on loving us when we are so ugly to you at times?

Dear God, help me to change my ways and to change this bitter heart?

Dear God, please help me to see my husband as an imperfect person, and remind me that I am no different.

And dear God, please help my husband and open up his eyes to see the love that is right in front him, before it’s to late.  

Love Always One Of God’s Children 11-27-2012