My King, My King All I Want Is My Very Own King

Since the early rise of my youth I knew who my king was, Man.

It all started with my father he was our great King in our house when I was a child.

I would have been more than glad to do anything for him just to know he was well pleased with me.

As a child I learned that it was my job to make sure the King was happy at all cost or else there be hell to pay.

Everyone in the house understood and made sure to never step on the toes of the mighty and great King

As time went on I searched for my very own King whom I could please as well.

In my early youth years I found many great Kings whom I worshiped and threw myself too.

Only to find none of the great Kings I meet were ever pleased with me, instead time after time I was discarded away like some rag doll.

I had become so intertwined with man that I had lost myself.

I was on a mission to find that one great King whom I could worship, whom I could give my all to and whom would love me for me.

But no matter how much I gave to man it was never enough.

I gave and gave till there was nothing left of myself to give.

Years after years of giving myself to man, doing what ever they asked of me, and always making sure they were well pleased with me,

had left me feeling very despondent, broken, disappointed, confused, unloved for, empty, misused and abused.

What I had I done wrong?

I did everything that I had learned to make man my King no matter what it may cost me, but yet none of the Kings were ever pleased with me.

My heart, my soul, and my body had become so intertwined with so many Kings that when I meet the ONE KING there was nothing left of me to give to Him.

But right away I noticed there was something different about this King,

He had all ready sacrificed Himself for me before I was born.

He has waited for the day I would say yes to Him and no to man.

All those years wasted and spent giving myself away to the wrong kings.

When in reality there was only one true King that my heart was made  for to want and His name was King Jesus.

No longer was I to worship man, but I was to worship Him.

He was to become my one and only true KING.

My King, my King I finally have my very own King who loves me for me!

Love Always One Of God’s Children 10/15/2013