The Respect Dare


Day 40: We Have Endure And Made It To The End Of The Challenges….

Congratulations for finishing the dare and not letting the devil win! I do not know about you ladies but these last forty days have been one roller coaster of a ride for me!

First I want to thank God for all you ladies who took this journey with me and for preserving through every one last of theses dares head on with God. If you came half way in on this dare or if you was unable to finish theses dares I ask that you please pray about it and see if you can finish them I feel they will bless you and your marriage immensely.

WOW! These last forty days have seem to have gone by so fast and so much has change since day one for me and my marriage. This was my first leading a group of woman in anything ever in my life and I pray that God has used me to help bring you all closer to God. I pray that through my struggles that I have endure past, present and future has help you to see that with God anything is possible with Him! 

No matter what walk of life you came from, no matter what you have been through or going through and no matter how bad you may or may not think your marriage is there nothing to great for God to turn everything around that the devil meant for evil and uses it for His glory!

My marriage and I are both a walking testament of just what God can do for you when you stop running, stop blaming, take responsibility for your actions and behaviors, focus on what God wants you to do and not what others are doing, put you trust one hundred percent in God and walk by faith all the way with God believing always I serve a mighty God who will always do what’s right for me. He will never lead me astray.

Things can only begin to change when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working with God to do something about it! If you’re going to be angry at anyone be angry at the Devil for always trying to lie to you, steal from you and destroy everything that matter the most to you including your relationship with God!

There’s always going to be trials and tribulations in this world it’s God’s way of reminding us how much we really need to depend on Him to survive in this fallen world. Just remember you serve a mighty God who will always carry you through every storm that comes your way. You may not see it at first what God is doing for you but it will all become very clear for you one day just what God did for you!

I have really enjoyed doing this dare with you ladies and this was the first time I ever finish anything in my life! I am so glad God and my husband kept pushing me to see this all way through to the end!

Myself and my marriage have been blessed by these dares. God has use them to push me out of a lot of my comfort zones, to open my eyes to sin that was hidden, and He has given me a whole new perspective on what it means to respect my husband according to His standards!

Ladies please feel free to keep on making comments, answer any of the questions, ask me any questions and I would love to hear about your journey with God through these last forty days.

As of now I am still not sure what God wants me to do next, so until I hear from Him clearly of what next steps I should take, I will be resting in Him for a while and spending some time with the hubby. God Bless To All…….

Love Always One God’s Children 8/18/2013