The Respect Dare

Day 12: Me, Me, Me…

For today’s dare we are going to learn a little a bit about perspective. Nina Roesner asked us “ how often do we make life all about me, me, me?” We forget other people work hard, are tired or sick, or simply are as busy as we are.”

It’s funny and not in the sense ha, ha funny either, my husband is a hard worker and God’s has blessed me to be able to stay home. We don’t have kids so I get to pretty much relax most of the days. I am baffled that there has been times when I have gotten so angry with my husband because he wont help me out around the house sometimes.

Then I get to thinking why do I expect him to help me when all I get to do is pretty much sit around all day, seems a little selfish if you ask me. So I have tried to be a little more attentive in not asking him to help me. If he ask and there is something that needs be done then I will let him if he insist, but for the most part I get things done.

I am also guilty of not taking into consideration when he’s tired and does not want to talk right away or want to do something together with me right then and there. I tend to get real upset and I take it personal. Then it become it’s all about me and what I want and since you don’t want to give me what I want, you will get an attitude from me.

The Holy Spirit has convicted me of what I am doing is being selfish and I need to take into consideration more of how my husband feels. I have been working on trying to stop and think about more of what he needs first. And  to also ask myself is this something that can wait till he’s ready? This is an area where I defiantly need to work more on being less selfish and more considerate to my husband needs, instead of mines.

So for today’s dare we are asked “ to choose only speak words that are kind.” Choose to say nothing at all if you do not know how to say it kindly.” “ At first you may feel as though your being taking advantage of , but realize instead that, it is actually an exercise of self-control.” “First comes the control, then comes the ability to see things as God sees them, then comes the ability to say things wisely to others.”  So on to our questions…

                                       SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: Could you relate to Lisa story? Why or why not?

Yes I could, because there have been times where I didn’t stop and think to about why my husband may or may not have done what I have asked him to do. I just expected him to do certain things, without even asking or considering how he feels. It’s more of a command and then I get angry when it’s not done.

Question 2: Think over the last few days of your interactions, especially those at the end of your day. How kind have you been? Have you been wise in your communication?

WOW! These last couple days have been rough on the both of us. I have defiantly not been wise in my communication towards my husband, sad to say.

Question 3: What can you do today to honor God in the way you speak to your husband or kids?

As hard as it is going to be I’m going to try to put a zipper on this mouth! Take into consideration of my husbands needs and feelings when he comes home from a hard day of work.

Question 4: When you are tired and drained, are you able to empathize with others and understand if they are in a similar situation? Or does it become all about you?

Sad to say no, I have a bad habit of only thinking of me when it comes to other people too. Oh and don’t let me be in rush or something then I’m really not understanding of how you feel.

Today’s dare for me today was a real eye opener to how selfish I still am. I don’t consider myself to be as selfish as I use to be, but when I had to answer these questions, I was quite shocked at how I still have tendencies to be selfish, and that is not good. So the Holy Spirit just bought a Bible Verse to my mind to help me remember how I am to behave when it comes to others: Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves. God Bless to all…..

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So ladies I would love for you to leave me some comments on what God has reveal to you or anything else that may be on your heart.

How are you doing on these dares?

Name one area where you tend to still be selfish in? 

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/21/2013

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