The Respect Dare

Day 13: There Is A Time And A Place For Everything

For today’s dare it’s all about being organized, and lets just say I’m jumping for joy! Finally an area in my life I get two thumbs up for.

Now before I start throwing a party here, let me tell you I was not always organized or clean. Somewhere between being on my own, then becoming homeless and then back to having my own place again, I became a neat freak!

At one point it was so bad that I would go into other people houses and start cleaning there house without even being asked. Then I would have to explain to them it’s not them, but it’s me I have a cleaning problem. My house was so clean that my mom would say to me “ you’re the first house I ever been in where if my food fell on the floor I pick it up and eat it.” 

Even when my son lived with me I always got compliments from people who visit my home, on how amazed they were that not only was my house well kept up, but my child was never dirty either. Yes, very sad my child was not allowed to get dirty, because I would have to be the one to clean him up and I felt it was unnecessary to make such messes.

In fact I loved cleaning and organizing stuff so much that I became a housecleaner just to help other people, but my over joy for cleaning has calm down. Thank the Lord, or my husband and I would have more issues to deal with, then the ones that we all ready got. Now I’m more relax, but not to relax, because you never know who may show up.

I’m a firm believer that if you keep on top of everything than the less work you got to do and the more time you got to do other things. And I know if you reading this you’re probably saying to yourself yeah okay that easy to say because you have no kids living in your house. But you see I understand the frustration of having kids in the home, pets, and a man all living under one roof and no one to help you, but rather keep making messes no sooner than you just cleaned it.

I did it and it is possible, there may be just lot of frustration of feeling like no one appreciates what you are doing, but just remember what God tells us: Colossians 3:23 “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” And Philippians 2:14 “ Do everything without grumbling and arguing,”

A key point Nina Roesner makes in her book is “ God helps us in our relationships, but only when we listen to His still soft voice.” “Choose to listen, and your family benefit!” Because I’m at peace with my home and the way things are run around here, makes for a husband at peace and he can feel relax when he comes homes. A clean home is one less stress factor, that we both can knock off our list of the other million things God may call us to do.

                                     SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

In today’s dare Nina Roesner tells us that “so many times we get caught up in the lie of being too busy.” “Being too busy can make us tired, both emotionally and physically.” Your dare includes two items:

Take fifteen minutes to prayerfully evaluate all the actives in which you are involved. Ask God to reveal which are the ones he has chosen for you to do and which ones you should not be doing. Figure out how to un-commit yourself, if possible and contact those involved. Let them know when your involvement will end.

Today and in the following days, begin the habit of asking your husband on a daily basis for one small thing you can do for him. So on to the questions….

Question 1: What Chore nags at you that you keep putting off?

Right now I don’t have any I can think of.

Question 2: Go through your house, what rooms needs the most work right now? Go to that area now, and make a master list of the tasks you can complete to create order. Put the list in your calendar, and do one item per day until it is completed.

Question 3: If your house is in order, ask God for some other area of your life that needs organizing-maybe it’s your relationships, health actives, or work project. What, if anything are you sensing?

Even though today’s dare was little more relaxing for me, I know and understand there maybe some of you ladies out there that it’s not the same for you. I just want to let you know I sympathize with you, because I know how frustrating it can be when you got one million things to do and not enough time.

Or how much you try to clean, but everyone else just messes it right back up on you. Or you wish could be more organize, but just don’t know where to start. One thing I can tell you is pray ask God to show you what you can do? Start on something small and then work up to the bigger things. Don’t rush yourself, and take your time. God Bless too all….

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So ladies:

Are you supper clean or disorganize?

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/22/2013



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