The Respect Dare

Day 15: “Where’s Your Treasure?”

Today’s dare is all about appreciating what you do have. One of my favorite Bible Verse is: Philippians 4:11I don’t say this out of need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. For me this sums up where I am now in life, but I wasn’t always like this.

Nina Roesner made a great point and it’s so true, she says: “ Many times it takes a crisis for us to appreciate what’s really valuable in life.”  For myself that is exactly what happen to me.

I remember growing up thinking I can’t wait till I’m rich so I could have everything I wanted! I remember always being jealous of everyone else who had the nicer house, nicer cars and nicer families. I remember asking God why couldn’t You have let me born into a family that all ready had everything? Why did You have to give me a family who didn’t want me? I hated my life and I hated everyone else who had it all!

For me becoming homeless made me even more angrier with the people who had it all. I remember I use to walk around on the streets thinking how nice it must be to either own your own home or have place to sleep. How nice it must me to able to come home to people who love you and want you. How nice it must be to have a husband who loves you and wants to take care of you. How nice it must be to spend money like it’s nothing in the world to you. To say the least I became very bitter with the people who had everything. I was full of envy, but as time went on things changed.

When I was able to get off the streets and move back into my very own place I notice that I was more appreciative of everything I did have, because just like that in a blink of an eye it could be all gone. Sad to say though this was a lesson I had to learn many times over and over before I truly grasp just how blessed I was to be alive! It doesn’t matter what I did or didn’t have or who loves you or who don’t love you, because there was something way far more important in this life then what the world may or may not can give you.

And that’s knowing who you are in Jesus Christ. Who Jesus Christ is? What He did for you? And what He can do for you? And knowing His unconditional love He has for you! This is where you truest treasure lies within Him and not in this world! “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

Yes it is nice to have stuff, but like God words says: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

So now days you will find me content in all things God has given me and very grateful for what He has blessed me with even the good and bad times. I appreciate my husband one-hundred percent in everything he does do for me, and I always remind him as long as I got God and him we could be homeless and I be happy. No more green eye monster lives in my heart, instead God lives there and in Him I have everything I will ever need to make it through this life that He has bless me with, till I return home. So on to our questions….

                                         SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Questions 1: Do you ever find yourself envious of what your friends or family members have? How does that affect you?

No, I’m not envious of what my friends and family have. And because I’m not envious of them it don’t affect me in any way.

Question 2: Do you ever put pressure on your husband to get a raise or promotion so you can afford to spend more money? Why or why not?

No I don’t, My husband knows that I don’t want money to buy stuff, but to do things for other people and pay our bills, that’s all the money we need.

Questions 3: What do you think about the Biblical concept that the money we have and the things we own aren’t really ours but are instead tools to be used to do work for God?

When I first became a Christian two years ago Alvin would always tell me everything we own belongs to God including our money. I didn’t understand what he really meant by this, because in my mind I was like what are you talking about it’s ours we worked for it. But as time went on and God started to show me just what Alvin meant I started to understand that yes everything belongs to God and everything He blesses us with is so we can help others. We belong to God because He created everything including us. Man uses the gift’s God has provide us to get along in this world, but without Him we are nothing and could do nothing.

Question 4: Do you trust God enough to provide for your needs, or do you hold tightly to whatever you have? Why or why not?

It has been and up down battle for my husband and I when it comes to money, My husband for awhile was our only source of income and when he got pay we tithe what we could, pay our bills and if there was something left we save it or got whatever we need at that time. But through the up’s and down of not always having money to pay the bills, we Have seen God come through for us like a champ! God always provide the people to help us.

We even have had checks show up and have no clue about them, but we cash them and we got the money to the pay bills! There has even been times when God provide me with a job just in time so I could carry the load for awhile until my hubby got back up on his feet. So yes I trust God for all my needs, but I do get a little panicky every once in awhile. But no we don’t hold tightly to whatever we get, we spend the money on what needs to be taken care, and if there’s not enough to cover other things we trust that God will take care it for us.

Questions 5: What do you sense God is trying to teach you through today’s verse?

We need not to chase after money, but chase after God the only one who can take care of everything we need. And to rely on Him one-hundred percent, because He is always there for us! Our love needs to be in God and not in the things of this world that will just perish!

Nina Rosenr makes a great point that “ couples in marriages that have love and respect know where their true treasures lie-in each other.” “Contentment with each other trumps the material things in our lives any day!” God Bless to all…..

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