The Respect Dare

Day 16: Think Before You Speak

For Today’s dare Nina Roesner asked to “ Regardless what, happens, as an experiment to help you understand your nature, only call attention to what is right or good.” “Refuse to find fault with anything your coworkers, friends, or children have done or not done for the duration of the day.” ‘If you find yourself tearing someone down or finding fault with a situation, immediately apologize and go back to finding what is right or good, then speak only about those things.” ‘”You will need God’s help in accomplishing this, so be certain to ask Him to show you what is right and good before you begin.”

                                         SO WHAT ABOUT YOU 

Question 1: Where you able to achieve this dare today?

I was quite surprise at how well I did today. I woke up on a positive note and being positive with my husband. I let my husband know how much I loved him. How much I appreciate all he does for me. I even encourage him not to talk negative about himself. All was well till it was time for hubby to go to work and he came out looking to good for work and there I went with why you wearing those pants?  

Question 2: Why or why not?

For the most part I was able to achieve this dare today with the Lord’s help.

Question 3: What was easy or hard about this dare?

It was had for me because I had to constantly stop and think. There’s a new concept for me thinking, I don’t do that too much. What ever comes to the top of my head is what fly’s out. But today to beware of what I’m going to say, how should I say it and how do I encourage someone was hard for me. Being positive and encouraging people is very foreign to me. Something I got to get use too.

Question 4: Was this dare easier with people who are close to you, or with acquaintances? Why?

I was unable to see how I would do with other people, because I stay at home. But I was able to give my mom some encouraging words over the phone.  

Question 5: Did you ever find yourself struggling with pride instead of apologizing? Why is it easy to apologize or hard for you to do so?

When I first became a follower of Jesus Christ two years ago apologizing was by far the most foreign thing to me. What me apologize but I did nothing wrong. Why do I got to apologize when they started it or they were the ones who said this and that? I hated apologizing and I felt like it almost near kill me to apologize to someone who I felt doesn’t deserve it!

And even if I was the one in the in wrong and started it, I still was not apologizing because they did something to make me do whatever it was to cause me to be not so nice to them! There was no responsibility on my part for my behavior. And there was no way I was going to take blame for something I felt I was justified in doing!

But as time went on and God got a hold of my heart and kept breaking away the ice chips around my heart, I became more aware of my actions. I became more aware just because someone does evil to you does not give you the right to repay evil back. I am learning what true forgiveness is and how to extend grace when it’s least deserve.

I am learning to see others as God sees them as one of His children and not the big bad guy out to get me. I am learning to take responsibility for my actions and behaviors. I am learning what it truly means to be humble. I still stumble and want to hold onto not apologizing, but the Holy Spirit convicts me and I will go back and explain what I did wrong and I will apologize to them.

Question 6: What do you feel God is teaching you through Ephesians 4:29 today?

To put more consideration into what I am going to say to someone. To stop and think is what I am about to say is it  going to tear them down or build them up? What are my reason for what I am about to say to this person? Is it to make them feel less than? Is it to hurt them? Is it to make myself feel better about myself?

And if what I am about to say is not going to befit them in any way, then I need to just keep my mouth shut till I got something nice to say. To stop and consider that other persons feelings and their needs for once instead of just thinking of myself. To stop disrespecting God by letting unwholesome talk fly out of mouth like it’s the thing to do! And start respecting Him and obeying Him!

Nina Rosener makes a great point to “speak words of encouragement, but if you screw up, apologize quickly!” “First recognizing what is good in a situation will always help you relationally, while criticism guarantees you trouble.” God Bless to all…..

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So ladies I’m excited to hear what God reveal to you in today’s dare, leave me some comments and let me know how you do today?

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/25/2013

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