The Respect Dare

Day 17: Building Up And Encouraging Our Husbands

Before we start today’s dare I just want to apologize to you ladies for getting the post up late. My husband went to work last night and I hadn’t heard from him since 8:30 pm last night! So I been up worry about him and calling his job to make sure he was okay. Long behold 8:30 am this morning in walks husband! To say the least I was happy he was alive, but also angry because he never called me to say he was okay and his phone had just died. So many emotions are running around this little heart of mine. So now onto the dare.

So for today’s dare we are to think of five things our husband does, consistently every week. I been trying to whack my brains what are five things my husband does. This is so hard for me because I’m so used to focusing on the negative things my husband does.These dares have been so challenging for me, because it’s making me aware of all my flaws and just how much I need to work on.

So what are some things my husband does….

He goes to work consistently no matter how he feels or how tired he is. He amazes me sometimes because if it was left up to me to go to work everyday, I think we be homeless real quick. It shows me great responsibility, dedication and what a great provider he is. I can depend on him and I love that about him.

I love the fact he loves to help around the house. It shows me he cares about me enough to help out if need be. It means a lot to me because I’m so used to do everything and taking care of everything, that I’ve never asked for help. So when my husband first asked me if I needed help I use tell him no because I thought it was my job. But the Lord has help me to realize that it don’t have to be all me who does everything. If my husband willing to help out I need to let him, plus it gives me time to do other things.

I love the fact he has a heart after God. It shows me his focus are on the things that God wants him to do, and to be. His desires are God desires. I love the fact that my husband doesn’t look to the world for his answer, but he looks to the only One who got all the answers God. My husband doesn’t look in things or other people to help him lead his marriage, instead he looks to God to guide him to be the leader of this home.

This means a lot to me because all the men in my life were all about the world and what it had to offer and what it could do for you, but that was empty promises. It leads you no where when you chase after what the world chases after, but not my husband he doesn’t do that! I love that because I know as long my husband is chasing after God and what He wants for us, I will be okay.

Right now that is all I can think of and I pray that in time God will help me to see more positive things about my husband. So I love the idea that Nina Roesner gave us to turn theses into notes for our husband and hide them where he can find them through out the week. I’m looking forward to doing this.

Nina Roesner reminds us “to have no expectation that your husband will notice or say even a single word about receiving these notes.” “You are doing this to build him up and encourage him.” “This is an opportunity to give him a gift in purest sense without a single expectation.”  God Bless to all…

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So ladies:

How did you do on today’s dare?

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/26/2013


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