The Respect Dare

Day 19: Letting Go Of The Unnecessary Things In Your Life

In Nina Roesner Book she tells us to “run your home in an orderly way, keeping only what you truly need, and you will have less clutter and more peace!”

Okay now my husband, and my mother will tell you hands down I got this. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s confusion, disorganization and clutter! My home is always in tip-top shape and there’s always place for everything. I love the feel of knowing when I go to get something it’s right where I thought it would be. I love the feeling of not having to be stress out because I can’t find anything because I live in such a mess! My home is calm and organize and I love it that way!

Now I will admit there is one room in this house that’s absolutely killing me and that’s my prayer/Bible study/craft room! Right now the room sits empty with just all my books and papers I write all in one corner and I hate to see it every time I open the door.  

My husband and I when we moved here didn’t come with anything but our clothes on our backs, so what money we did have we used it wisely to get what was necessary first. Since then any money that does come in the house is always spent on what’s important first tithe, bills and then food, so the room get’s put on hold for now. I know one day we will get it done, till then the door stays close and I pretend it’s not there.

You know how people always say “there are blessing in disguise in everything you just got to open your eyes to see it, otherwise you just might miss it” well that is how I’m starting to feel about my past.There are some parts of my past that I realize now are true blessings for me.  

Take for instances I grew up in a world of chaos since the day I was born. My family was constantly moving and no they were not in the army, they just like to move a lot. My mom now she was a neat freak, I remember her always cleaning non-stop! To the point if we children didn’t pick up our toys like she you told you to before you left for school, well lets just say when you got home you would find a big black trash bag outside with your toys in it. Sad to say I never did learn my lesson to pick up my toys up and put them away, you think I would but I didn’t.

Then when I got to move into my place I became a slob I hated to clean! For the most part it was because of the kids and the man I had back then, no sooner would I clean something they just would go right back and mess it all up! So why should I even bother or care, if they didn’t was my attitude. So sad to say my home back then was half and half enough to be clean to not get in trouble, but no where organize or supper clean.

Then there was a time I became homeless and I was constantly moving not only from minute to minute, but sometimes different states too. So the less you had to carry with you the better it was for you to travel for the day. Never having place to call your own, never being able to keep anything of any value because it’s likely to get stolen and sometimes living in places that were so dirty and messy, starts to become really aggravating!

So when the Lord would bless me with a home again I would take care of it because I understood the value in taking care something that is yours whether you own or not. I learned less was more, besides who needs all that stuff, it just clutter up the house and it adds more work for you to do to keep it clean! I even appreciate stability now I love the security I feel knowing that I don’t have to worry about where I will be tomorrow, where will I sleep tonight and if my stuff is going to get stolen if leave it behind. Plus I get to create an atmosphere for my husband where he feels like he’s at home when he comes home from a long hard day’s work. And that makes for a very happy wife when husband is happy.  

So my past has become a blessing to me because I have learned to appreciate what you do got, don’t want more than you can handle and cleanness takes way the stress. So my husband and I live in a peace free, stress free, clean and organize home and we love it! Our relationship on the other hand I wish I could say is the same, but God’s handling that and removing the kinks and we are seeing some great results!

Everything in this life take times, the world would like to make you believe you live in a FedEx world where everything is instantaneous but it’s not! The reality is you need God He takes you on the paths where He will prune you of the stuff you do not need, and then He will send you on your way to grow from what you have learned in that time. That’s only if you allow yourself to grow, because you can stop your growth by not listening and then more time is wasted. But It’s not to till after a lot of time has passed, pain, heartache, bruising and lots of letting go of yourself and things, that if you follow what God has told you, then you get to see the results of all your hard labor.

Nothing in this life is for free or comes easy, so we shouldn’t expect the same from God. God is a merciful and loving God who always knows what He is doing and what’s best for us. No one ever in this life promises you that life would be easy for you and neither does God.

Sometimes you got to walk through the thorn bushes before your feet you can touch the grass and it’s best you walk that path with God, or you may find yourself in more hell than you would like to be. Remember ladies there is always a reason for why things need to be done in a certain way and if you always look to God for your answers, you will always get the right answer as to why…..

Remember: Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. May The Lord Be with you Always…

                                                       SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: People tend to either have a place for everything and everything in it’s place, or have piles of items all over the home. Do you fall in either one of these categories or somewhere in between?

Myself I fall in: have a place for everything and everything in it’s place category .

Question 2: Clutter and disorganization are often life-stage issues, so give yourself some grace if you are suffering from a physical impairment or have little kids in the home. Keeping that in mind, what if anything, needs to be organized in your home? Make a list of the rooms that need to addressed.

Question 3: What would change in your life if you had more order to your home?

For me the things that have change was no stress, being able to relax, not being so uptight if something is not where it’s suppose to be, not freaking out if something is not clean right away, and always being able to find things when I need them.

Question 4: What about your work? If you have a cubicle or office what needs to be organize in that space? Make a list

Question 5: What would change for you at work if you were more organized?

Remember ladies this is not about being perfect but just have things in life more organized so you can be less stressed out. So that way the people will enjoy being around you because you will be relaxed and at peace with your life. God Bless to all…..

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So ladies:

I would love to hear from you and what you learned today? Don’t by shy I promise I wont bite, we are all here as a work in progress.

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/28/2013






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