The Respect Dare

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord. You serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:32-24

Day 22: We Serve The Lord

I love today’s Bible Verse because it keeps things in perspective for me when I wanted to throw a fit because I feel other people did not appreciate what I did for them. When my husband and I both had to work Colossians 3:23-24 was a life saver to me, because there were times when I expected some kind of recognition for the work I did and when I didn’t I would get down right angry.

But when I started to see things through God’s lens and not mines it came clear to me in everything I do work at enthusiastically. And that’s exactly what I started doing I took great joy in everything I did and I went up and beyond what my job call me to do, because I knew I was working for the Lord and my reward was with Him.

Even at home with my husband I bought that same attitude home with me I would come home from work after working eleven hour shift and I would make sure dinner was ready for my husband. I would take care of everything bills, laundry, dinner, cleaning house and making lunches for the both of us and I never once complained about what I was doing. There were times my husband would help me but even if he didn’t I did not get upset with him.

One thing my family did teach me was to serve others but they did not have the right attitude about it, they more or less served others because they felt they had too! It was imperative they did everything or the job was never going to get done.

That was my attitude for the longest time I was more or less serving others out of obligation rather than a willingness attitude. Always hating what I did, always feeling unappreciative for what I did, and always expecting something but never getting anything for my efforts in return.

But once I learned what God had to say about my working for others to do everything as I am doing it for Him, well my whole attitude changed! I take pride in what I do now, I love to serve others no matter how I may or may not feel and I do it out of a joyful heart. I love serving others.

Nina Roesner makes a great point:

“Do all your work for God, and it will not matter what the people in your life think about your efforts.”

For myself that statement is so true once I stop expecting something from other people my whole attitude changed. I know there are some of you ladies that struggle with this and that is okay, just keep working with God. Keep asking Him to give you the right perspective, to see things through His lenses and to give you willing heart. Every time you go to do something remember this Bible verse and it will help you.

                                        SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: Many woman struggle with resentment concerning household responsibilities. Studies show that even though both partners work, woman still feel responsible for household chores. How are you doing in handling all your responsibilities? How are you doing with resentment issue?

Question 2: Have you ever had an experience like Nancy’s? Describe your experience. 

For myself I think my frustration with my husband was because I did do everything and I would never complain. And when I would ask him to help me in one thing he throw the “I work hard and this is my time to relax” attitude at me and that would really piss me off and still does, because I feel we should help one another no matter what! It’s not about who works the longest, the hardest or don’t work at all but serving the Lord by serving one another in everything we do.

Question 3: What do you sense God teaching you through today’s dare?

That no matter what always keep the right attitude that I am not serving merely man, but that I am working for the Lord in all things I do and I wont go wrong. I wont be looking in others for their approval and praises but I will be looking to my Heavenly Father and glorifying Him.

Question 4: For who do you work? Are you constantly expecting human recognition, or are you so close to God that you sense His pleasure in what you do? Explain.

I work for God! There was a time in my life where I wanted the human recognition because it made me feel good about myself. It made me feel like I was not some kind of failure, screw up and a piece of junk, but now I don’t feel this way. Because I have come to realize that people are not what makes me or breaks me, but it is myself. I can tear myself up real quick when I feel I deserve some kind recognition for what I am doing or did and someone does not give me the praises I want.

Just because someone does not recognize what I did does not make me less than, it just means other people can’t appreciate what I did or they got their own issues. Do I still want someone to recognize what I did yes, but now I know if they don’t my God sees all I do and that is all that matters! I live and breathe for God, not people no more! He is what gives me great joy!

Nina Roesner ask that:

“To pray to God asking to reveal where your motivations originate and what your expectations are.” “Ask Him for help in doing your work heartily and only for Him.” “Pray that He will replace it with a deeper connection to Him, such that you sense His pleasure with you, even in the mundane daily aspects of life.” God Bless to all…..

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So ladies:

Are you working for God or people?  I would love to hear what you got to say.

Love Always One Of God’s Children 7/31/2013


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