The Respect Dare

Day 23: Who Am I Living To Please God Or My Husband?

Today’s dare is three-fold and we are asked by Nina Roesner to challenge ourselves to complete theses in order and by the end of day.

I am going to be real honest here I been struggling all night to get this dare done, but frankly I’m stuck! I am not sure where or how to begin.

Part one of this dare:

She asked that “We write ourselves a brief letter reminding ourselves to pay attention only to pleasing God instead of seeking earthly reward and recognition from other humans.” “Write as though we are speaking to a younger, newly married woman about her relationship with God being more important than her relationship with her husband. “

So this is where I’m stuck at because one I am still newly married and two I am still a newbie in Christ, so I am looking at this two-fold obeying and pleasing God. Now I still have some kinks when it comes to obeying God, because I still have a hard time letting go of what I feel is right and wrong. But when it comes pleasing God or my husband God will always come first!

If there was anything I learned when I was living in the world that was pleasing man gets you no where real quick in hurry. It always leaves you feeling disappointed, hurt, lots of anger, bitterness and hatred. No matter how much you do for someone else it will never be enough! They will always want more from you, expect more from you, and they will never be happy with you! Pleasing man is a vicious cycle that never ends!

So when I became Christian and I started to learn about God who He is, what He wanted from me, and what He expected from me I found pleasing God is a lot easier than man! With God He does expect me to do certain things, but what makes Him different from humans is He always satisfied with me as long as I am always seeking Him for forgiveness for my sins and trying to change for better.

With God it’s not oh if you do this, that and this then I will do a,b,c for you, He does not have a what am I getting out of this kind attitude, and He most definitely does not punish me because I did not make Him happy. Instead my God is loving, He’s merciful, He’s forgiven, and He’s understanding. Yes He does expect me to behave a certain way but that’s because He loves and cares for me and He only wants what’s best for me. What parent in their right mind would not want what was best for their children.

He does not discipline me because it gives Him great pleasure but He does it to correct me, to guide me and to lead me to Him. He does it so my one and only true heart desire is for Him! So that I would always know without a doubt in my mind that He will never steer me wrong, hurt me on purpose and to remember that He’s not out for what’s in His best interest but for what’s in my best interest!

This is why pleasing God any day of your life is way better than pleasing any humans on this earth, because they will never be satisfied! But with God He’s always satisfied as long as He knows you’re living for Him and not for this world!

There’s always going to be consequences for your actions, but there should never be if you do this I will do this and with God you will never find that kind of attitude. He gets pleasure from knowing you are His, that you obey Him and your love is for Him and only for Him! God is an unselfish God, unlike humans!

Part two of this dare:

She ask that “ Seek an opportunity to give a gift to your husband- search online for a knight, sword, medal, etc., which you could give him that would be reminder of his manhood and of your admiration for him.” “If you are unable to afford something, take a small piece of paper to place in his wallet and write a short note explaining why you view him as your knight and shining armor and what he or his position means to your family.”

Okay so this part of the dare I am still working on. So as soon as I can think of what to do and how I will let you all know.

Part three of this dare:

She ask that we “ Ask God to help you remember to live your life for the audience of One on a daily basis.”

                                      SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: When have you taken the opportunity to celebrate a success of your husband?

This is something I have never done. I am good at tearing him down when things go wrong, but when things go right I just let it roll. So I think this weekend this will be something I try to work on.

Question 2: What tangible evidence of your respect and admiration could you present to your husband?

Question 3: What would be your goal in doing that? How would you deal with his potential lack of favorable or enthusiastic response?

Nina Roesner makes a good point: she say’s “Find ways to encourage your husband and build him up instead of tearing him down, and you will help him accomplish his dreams.”  God Bless to all….

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So how ladies:

How did today’s dare go?

Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/1/2013


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