The Respect Dare

Day 24: Come My Children And Spend Some Time With Me…

Today’s dare is about spending time with God. Now I love spending time with the Lord, but lately I have not been doing much of it. When I first became a Christian two years ago I was in the Bible deep and I loved everything My Father was revealing to me.

I could not get enough, well that was till my husband started getting jealous of the relationship I had with God and all He was revealing to me. It cause great conflict between my husband and I so put a stop to it real quick! I went from non-stop spending time with Him to skimp here and there when need to be kind of relationship with God.

I still went to Church, went to Bible studies, and read a verse here and there, but that just sitting down with the Lord for long periods of time and letting Him lead me to where He felt I needed to go has not happen in a long time. I miss My Father speaking to my heart, I miss the connection I felt, and I miss the secrets of His Words that would come open like a river just over flowing for me to understand just what He wanted me to know.

When my husband was not being jealous of my relationship with God, he would just marvel at what God was doing through me. See what you need to understand about my husband he was a Christian all his life and myself I have never known who God was, so he could not understand how I could understand so much more than what he knew.

But I had something that is vital when you really want to know who God is and that is a hunger for God that could not be quench! No matter how much I got from what God was revealing to me I wanted to know more and more! And when you got a hunger for God like this man the things He will reveal to you is unbelievable.

My husband was more of a read a chapter or a verse here or two kind of guy. He loved praying and talking with the Lord, but studying and going deep with God was not his kind of thing. But God used me to show my husband what God can do for you when you’re willing to take the time and sit with Him.

Now my husband loves to sit with me and study God’s word together. But we still do not do it as much I as would like too and I do not spend as much as time as I need to one on one with My Father as I would like too.

Today’s dare has really help me to realize that it’s imperative that I get back into God’s Word and sit with Him for as long as need be, because He is the only One who can tell me what way’s I need to go. Plus it does something to your soul that nothing else in this world can do for you!

Sad thing is I have no excuse as to why I can not spend as long as need be with My Father, expect I let myself get in the way of doing it. As of today I am going to try to start to use more of my free time for Him and not the things I want to do. Here’s to finding time in Him!

                                        SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Questions 1: What spoke to you about Rebecca’s story?

Question 2: Read Matthew 14:22-23.

Question 3: Imagine yourself in Peter’s place, as Rebecca did, and wait at the end of the experience.

Question 4: What, if anything, happened? Did you hold back, or were you freely transparent with Him? Did you feel silly, waiting for something to happen? Did you allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic?

Question 5 Why do you think it went the way it did?

Nina Roesner makes a great point: she says “ Cultivate your own relationship with God, and He will influence others through you.” “Your steps in life will also be more certain as your are listening to im.” God Bless to all….

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Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/2/2013


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