The Respect Dare

Day 27: Through The Good And Bad Times Walk Side By Side With God And Not Apart From Each Other….

In Nina Roesner book today she speaks on whether or not we carry each other burdens together or apart in our marriages. Not only with each other but with God together.

Basically does you and your husband when there is trouble on the arise do you come together and go to God with it or do you each find your own corners with God and work it out?

Nina Roesner says:” Having someone to walk beside you through a difficult time may have meant very much to you.” “This is one of the ways God demonstrates His love for us.” “ Whenever you love someone in this way, God loves that person through you.”

My husband and I have not always been good on dealing with things together as a team with God. We tend to be in our own little worlds with God fighting the good fight by ourselves!

Two years and two months ago when I was just learning who Christ is, my role as a follower, letting go of the world and on top of that learning to be a wife through God, when I needed my husband the most he was nowhere to be found!

I had to do an all out war with the devil by myself with God. But I have to admit God always pulled me through every situation right before I drown and did something very stupid!

Plus God Blessed me with a friend through Facebook that I thank the Lord for, because she was always there to read the words I would type away ramping and raving of the hell I was going through!

She helped me to see things on a more pleasant side of the note and it also help me to let go of everything that was in me to get it out in the open and set it free.

She prayed with me, encourage me and as best she could she gave me advice. She was my little angel sent from God when I need it the most! Because who knows where I be today without God and her.

My husband and I have gone through financial problems, loss of job, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, control issues, jealousy, pornography and physical abuse and it was not done as a team with God.

We more or less dealt with each of these situations by ourselves as best we knew how and held on tight to God! The same goes with the struggles that we face day-to-day on a daily basis we did not share those either with each other. Sad to say we did life apart with God.

Since all this went down in our marriage even with the separation my husband and I went through things have change dramatically around here! My husband and I were not the same people we was before April, but we do still tend to deal with things on our own.

Who knows maybe one day God will teach us how to do marriage one-hundred percent together and not just picking and choosing what we feel most comfortable with and do that together.

For myself I know there are still a lot of things I need to heal from, trust needs to be rebuild back with my husband and I need to see that I can go with him with whatever is on my heart and he will not punish me for what I have to say or get angry.

I need to get to the point where I can see him as someone I can rely on to help me, to not tear me down and I need him to not take things so personally. I need to be able to see him not only as my partner but as a friend too, but at this time we are not at this point just yet in our marriage, so I will leave that in God’s hands to deal with.

As much as I want that closeness, that feeling that we are inseparable, that no matter what we could tell each other our deepest secrets and that we here to support each other, I am happy with my husband and we are trying our best. Every day spent with God is another day spent on improving on the things that needed the most.

Through everything we have gone through in these last two years and two months after being on different sides of the world, we did finally pull it together and started to work with each other on some of these things. We may have lost sight of each other but we never lost sight of God, He was what held us together when we went through everything that we did!

Now we are both learning how to be more supportive to each other. Our marriage is nothing like it was before and thank God for that! We have both come to realize that we can depend on each other to be there no matter what we may go through and we owe it all to God! Because without our faith in Him our marriage would not be at the point it is today! Praise The Lord!

I love this quote by Nina Roesner “TWO BOUND TOGETHER BY GOD ARE INSEPARABLE!”  That is my goal for our marriage!

                                          SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: Think of the last time you were in real trouble. Did you go to your husband first or even at all? Why or Why not?

Question 2: Have you and your husband have any serious struggles in the years you’ve been married? List the top three hardest ones.

Question 3: How did you handle these challenges? Did you grow closer together or father apart?

Question 4: How involved was God in the midst of your difficulties? Did you cling to Him together, separately, or not at all?

Question 5: Is there a difficult situation your dealing with now in which you sense God direction? How do you feel led to respond?

Nina Roesner tell us in her book: “ Perhaps you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to cling to your husband during really difficult time.”

“Perhaps you’ve been there for him when he’s needed you.” “ Ask God to show those right now.”  God Bless To All….

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So Ladies:

Nina Roesner gave us some dares for today’s challenge I would love to hear what God put on you heart.

Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/5/2013







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