The Respect Dare

Proverbs 21:9 Better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife.

Day; 31 Enjoying The Things Our Husband’s Enjoy Doing With Them Quietly…..

In Nina Roesner book she says: “ On one end of the continuum is a wife who is content to simply to sit and enjoy her husband’s company while he works on a project.”

“On the other hand is a wife who nags, complains, and argues about seemingly trivial things.”

“We all need to work a little harder at resting in the contentment that comes from simply enjoying our husband’s company on his terms once in a while.”

Okay in Nina Roesner book she ask that we ask our husband’s, how are we doing in the nagging department ?

By the grace of God my husband said that I am doing great! So that’s music to my ears that at least I am doing better at not nagging my husband so much.  

Now as far as me sitting with him while he does a project well this is a hard one for me because my husband and I are more like lumps on logs who do not do much, but go to work and come home.

And I can not recall in the two years we have been together a time he has said to me will you come sit with me while I work on this.

Now there have been times I have tried to involved myself into something that he’s trying to fix by trying to help him, but he’s quick to let me know he knows what he’s doing and he’s got it. So I either debate a bit with him or just walk away.

When my husband was an over the road truck driver I use to go with him sometimes for weeks and I loved watching my husband work. I got to learn a lot about the trucking business that I did not know about!

Plus it made me learn how to live with my husband in very small quarters for long periods of time and not kill each other sometimes this worked and sometimes it did not.

I got to appreciate how dedicated he is to his work in order to provide for me. I would have to say this is one area where I would just watch him do what he’s got to do, while I tried my best not to throw a fit!

Other than that the Smith’s family home is pretty much laid back sitting around going to work kind of people.

But if there ever comes a time when my husband ask me to do something with him or to watch him do something I will try to remember to just sit there and enjoy what he’s doing with him quietly.

                                         SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Question 1: Are you focused on being productive and achieving results or on the journey? Are you and your husband wired the same or differently in this regard?

Question 2: What does your husband enjoy doing with you? List three of his favorite activities.

Question 3: Choose one of these three activities and schedule a time to do it with him before the week is over. What activity are you doing and when?

Question 4: What one thing can you do today to communicate to your husband that you are his number one fan?

Nina Roesner makes a great point: “ Sometimes marriage is spectator sport. Go shoulder to shoulder with your man, and see how you build his esteem and how much he enjoys your company!” God Bless To All….

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Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/9/2013




2 thoughts on “The Respect Dare

  1. I’m so glad to know that my husband and I aren’t the only ones who are pretty much lumps on a log. Thank you for sharing that so I don’t feel so odd!

    • Thank you Chris you have made my night with a good laugh! Now I know that I am not an oddball either. God Bless

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