The Respect Dare

Day 37: Giving Our Love Back To God By Obeying Him….

“The more time you spend with God, the more you take on His character and His thoughts about what matters. True selflessness is a reflection of God’s character and comes only as result of time spent with Him.”  Nina Roesner

                                         SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Today’s writing will be mixed in with the questions that Nina Roesner asked us to answer in her book today.

Question 1: Go back to the beginning of the book and review what you have written along the way. What stands out to you as the greatest challenge you have overcome or made progress toward achieving?

WOW! What a ride these last thirty-seven days have been for me sometimes feeling as if I am on a merry go around/rollercoaster. Some of these challenges have almost pushed me right to the edge of the cliff thinking to myself one wrong move and I am a goner, but God seems to always pull me right back up in the nick of time!

Since the first day I found out about The Respect Dare I have a face nothing but challenges. To the point I did not want anything to do with this dare because I took a glimpse into what the book was all about before I bought it. And when I saw the questions Nina Roesner was asking I knew right away I did not want to go there and I ran from the challenge.

But see the funny thing is God will not let you runaway from things that easy. His Holy Spirit was heavy on my heart for days to do this dare so I finally gave in got the book all the while not promising I actually do the work that was required of me.

Day one came I jumped all in I put what God had laid on my heart out there for all to see thinking that’s it I am done. Guess what God does? He laid it on someone else’s heart to ask me to lead a group of woman on my Blog through this dare.

WHAT? Not me God I do not want to do this dare and now you’re asking me to lead a group of woman? Okay, now I know one of us had to fallen off our rockers here because there is no way I can not do what You are asking of me! 

There have been days I did not want to do the challenges, I wanted to throw the book away and say that is it I am done! But between God and my husband they kept pushing me and I am glad they did because when this dare is over it will be my first accomplishment that I have ever completed in my life!

I have been challenge to be more aware of the way I speak towards my husband, to be more respectful towards him, and to let go of control so I could let my husband run things. I have seen a lot of progress in these areas.

Question 2: What has been the most rewarding part of this journey for you so far?

The rewards for me is seeing God working in me, molding me, growing me and changing me from the inside out. These dare’s have really challenge me to the point of pushing me out of a lot of my comfort zones. I have a more of a an understanding of what respect is, how it looks in my marriage, and how to be more respectful to my husband.

More importantly how to obey God more not only in my marriage but in life in general. The best reward is seeing our marriage change dramatically! These dare’s have push me to go deeper than what I would have ever been comfortable with in my life.

I am more of lets say kind of person that likes to stay focus on the what we can see and let other people going digging around if they want to. My motto is if it’s not one hundred percent broke why bother fixing it. But sometimes it’s best to look at the cracks in the foundation before it leads to more damage that either one of us can not handle.

Question 3: Make a list of three areas where you sense you have behaved in a way that is pleasing to God.

Let’s see here one way I feel I have behaved that is pleasing to God is not attacking my husband physically.

Another one would be in the way I talk to my husband with almost zilch of cussing at him.

Last but not the least of them all would be me not undermining my husband leadership role he was given by God.

Question 4: Why do those areas please Him?

By me respecting my husband I am showing God that I also respect Him and His commandments that He has given to me and for my marriage. By respecting my husband’s authority he was given over me I am being obedient to the Lord. This is pleasing to God because it shows obedience to Him.

My actions speak loudly to the Lord as pleasing because I am dying to myself and following His way’s that He has for me and not my ways. My love for the Lord shouts through the ways I treat my husband it shows my fear and reverence for the Lord and that’s what is most pleasing to Him. 

Question 5: How do you feel about being pleasing to Him?

WOW! It’s kind of a foreign concept to me because all my life I have been the disappointment in everyone else’s life. No matter how much I tried to please people they were never satisfied. No matter what I did it was always wrong!

So when I stop and think about my actions that they can either be pleasing to God or not pleasing to God hmm that kind of puts things in a different perspective for me.

No matter what He will always love me unconditionally but whether or not He is please with the way I am behaving can be either a great joy for Him or very big disappointment to Him. That bothers me a lot knowing that my behaviors not only affect the people around me but God too.

Do I really want to be on His disappointment list all the time just because I want to do things my way?

So it would seem to me that my goal should be me trying to be more pleasing to God by obeying Him in all I do and say in that way I am showing Him how much I love Him. That by far is what’s most pleasing to Him obedience = I love My Father enough to do whatever He ask of me!

Our Challenge for today….

“One of the few ways we can offer love back to God is by obeying Him. Your challenge today is to pray deeply for a heart that yearns to be pleasing to God and ask Him for His assistance with your obedience.”

Remember John 14:23 Jesus answered, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. (HCSB)”


Which describes the many blessings for those who obey and which demonstrates the fact disobedience results in consequences.” God Bless To All….

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Love Always One Of God’s Children 8/15/2013





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