The Respect Dare


When I saw the title to this dare I started laughing. Not because I thought it was a joke, but because this is one area I rank number one in of not keeping my mouth shut when I need to. I never realized how much my mouth was a big problem until I came to know Jesus Christ.

My whole world as I knew it became upside down. No longer could I justified why I could say whatever I want, however I wanted to and to whom I felt deserve what I thought they needed to hear. Some thing happen to me that I never thought could have happen and that was the day I learned how much I hated my tongue!

You don’t realize how much power and damage one tongue can do until you sit down with The Lord and He shows you Himself just what this little tongue can do or can’t do. And that is very scary!

Proverbs 18:21(HSC) is a great reminder of this:”Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”And (ISV) put it this way:”The power of the tongue is life and death-those who love to talk will eat what it produces.” WOW!

This is something we really need to think about the next time we want to go off running our mouths. So just what are we to do with our mouths?

Ladies as hard as this may sound we need to learn how to superglue our mouths shut, wait on The Lord and do what James 1:19 says. And trust me this is no walk in the park. It’s more like trying to walk through Alaska with just your summer clothes on in their coldest winter. Good luck with that, but as Matthew 19:26 remind us:” but Jesus looked at them and said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”Amen!

There is hope for us yet ladies, Praise God!  Practice, practice and more practice tell we perfected what God has call us to do. After two years of learning this I’m finally seeing some results of putting a zipper on my mouth, not letting my feelings control me, and letting what others say or do get to me. Thank You Jesus!

No matter what we may think we know ladies we need to be wise in how we act, and to be very patient while waiting on the Lord to speak to our husbands. Trust me I’m still learning and growing.

                                        SO WHAT ABOUT YOU?

For today’s dare we were ask “to not to argue with our husband about anything he says, even if you think he is completely wrong.” Nina tells us this is not an exercise in becoming a doormat, but rather an opportunity to discern how self-controlled you are. Pray for God’s help in this.” We were also asked to answer some questions..

Question 1: What potential disagreement(s) did you engage in recently that you could have avoided?

WOW! Right off the top of my head I can think of one where I got very upset with my husband because he didn’t walk the dog like I ask him to right away. 

Question 2: What compelled you to engage in the disagreement?

When I asked him to do this I thought when he left the bedroom he was going to go do this. But when I got done getting ready for the day, I found him on the couch watching T.V. and that was it I lost it!  Then he lost it and the war was on. But later on that day with the help from some wise people, we were able to see what went wrong and how to avoid it the next time, if this comes up again. Miscommunication was the number one problem. This all would’ve been avoided if we just took the time to understand what each other wanted and was expecting.This is very key ladies. 

Question 3: Sometimes a Bible Verse will show us things about ourselves that we didn’t know about ourselves. What was illuminated for you today with regard to James 1:19?

For me it was: What does it mean to be quick to listen?

This is what I found online: “The word quick or swift can give us a wrong impression about the act of listening. It does not mean to listen to someone superficially.”

“Quick means EAGER to listen, having the desire to understand or hear the person.” “Counselors teach us the skill of active listening; it helps communication and the building of good relationships.” For myself I tend to listen to more of my feelings, than to what God is trying to tell me or my husband. I need to listen more, investigate the situation and then from there see what God wants me to do and not my feelings.

Question 4: Why does choosing to avoid an argument not automatically make you the proverbial doormat, walked all over by others?

By restraining yourself  to not feed into what the other person is saying or doing, makes you free to not feel used and abused. No longer are you a victim of someone elses behaviors or actions,  but you are  a victor in King Jesus! You’re no longer giving them the power to control how you feel by what they say and do. You have the power now to just walk away with your head held up high. Not your emotions! Goodbye doormat and hello Jesus it is He who works through me! 

Question 5: How can James 1:19 impact your interactions? 

By taking heed to God’s Word my feelings wont be running me or people and I would be displaying more self-restraint that would make people want to be around me, instead of running from me. 

Nina Roesner makes a great point “many times, more strength is required to respond with self-control than to react.” “Respectful communication often means not becoming emotional and arguing.” So ladies let’s try to not let our feelings control us, but we control them! 

Please leave me a comment letting me know how you did on today’s dare of not arguing with your husband for the entire day! God Bless to all…..

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